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Shimrit Lustig

A shrewd businessman, Joseph Luria wanted to take over the world—and almost succeeded. When he dies during the deal of his life, he leaves behind him immense debts and a luxury house on a hill: a monument to fast, showy, and grandiose money making. His astonished widow and their actress daughter are left alone in the big house, lost among expensive art collections, their soaring memories, and the debris left after the crash.

Life is lived at its fiercest at the Luria house. This is a poignant and hilariously funny family story, an effortlessly conducted symphony of realism and fantasy that draws readers to its characters until its surprising ending.

August 2022 | 168 Pp. | ISBN 978.965.7764.38.1

SHIMRIT LUSTIG is an actress performing on Israel’s most prestigious theater stages, as well as in film and television shows. She writes a regular column for Haaretz, and  her short stories have appeared in the Hebrew edition of Granta and Moznaim. House of Luria is her first book.