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And Everything is So Sex

“In the context of philosophical investigation and disillusionment, it sometimes seems like the poems are lenses, offered to readers as if during an eye exam, so they can try them on until their vision becomes clearer.” – Maya Tevet Dayan, HaMussach

“Poetry that touches the depth of [social justice issues], which doesn’t stay within the inner experience but goes on to encounter the wide social world.”Davar


Sham-Ba Ayalon’s debut takes readers on a lyrical spiritual journey into cosmic sexuality and divine encounters.

February 2018 | 100 Pp. | ISBN 978.965.92530.8.1

Fishing Net

Like the fish that caught my eye in the big sea
you slip away and I’m left with the memory of a fish
swimming from side to side inside my eyeball.
It’s not just the fish
life also slips away passing
when I ask it to stay.
My heart asks to expand like the heavens.
My heart asks to see into my heart.
Stars in the darkness of my heart
and you are one of them.
Send your light
and dream with me
the connection among all the people
with a star in their heart.


EMMA SHAM-BA AYALON is a rabbi, painter, and peace researcher. Her life project is establishing a village for the study of peace in the Middle East and developing models for a post-patriarchal peace culture. Everything is So Sex is her first book.