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What is Love

World rights sold to Profile Books, United Kingdom.

What is Love is a book about friendship, responsibility, and compatibility among souls. The force of these cat stories exceeds that of usual cat stories. These are stories about beauty and about goodness and about the possibility of sanctity at the parched heart of our tired secularism; about how animals curate for us—like that Ark of Noah—the humanity we have abandoned.” – Oded Wolkstein

“Anat Levit writes about cats not in a self-righteous way, but as whiskered equals, and tries to decipher their mysterious soul. Her relationship with the cats is one of friendship, and they teach her things about themselves as well as about herself. What is Love is full of feeling and wisdom, identification and compassion, love and disappointment. It is recommended to any human or cat being.” – Dori Parnas


Wertheim Prize for Poetry
Bernstein Prize for Literary Criticism
Prime Minister’s Prize for Hebrew Literary Works


Anat Levit never considered herself a cat lover, but when her life was thrown into an upheaval, she found herself adopting one cat, and then six more. She fell in love with the furry creatures, which lead her into deep friendships, difficult decisions, and unexpected insight about both human and animal relationships.

What is Love is Levit’s memoir about her seven cats, in which she reads their state of mind with sensitivity, gentleness, and compassion, while also revealing a moving personal story.

August 2021 | 112 Pp. | ISBN 978.965.7764.27.5
World rights sold to Serpent's Tail


ANAT LEVIT is an Israeli poet and author. She has published eleven books and received prestigious awards for her works including the Wertheim Prize for Poetry, the Bernstein Prize for Literary Criticism, and the Prime Minister’s Prize for Hebrew Literary Works.