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“It seems that more than [Perel] aims to offer a tribute to the archetype of an admired artist, he aims to describe his own path as a poet, a path that opens through dedication and assimilation into a highly specific artistic-spiritual practice, one that is highly precise, quite dark and different, that possesses a strong focus, and endlessly pursues investigation and inner discovery, where there is little room for light and much more for darkness, that is for creation, for creative processes, for secrecy, for the drawer in which the miracles of life happen, and outside it, are almost forgotten.” – Noa Shakargy

“The verses of Cave are a substituent, at once a testimony to what happens inside the cave and the elixir—the drug of life by which the poet crosses back into the familiar world.” – Tzila Zan-Bar Tzur


Cave reaches across thirty-five thousand years of human creativity to engage in an imagined conversation with a Paleolithic cave painter. Driven by longing as well as intellectual rigor, Perel combines poetry and nonfiction to capture the firey persistence of art and human consciousness.

May 2019 | 66 Pp. | ISBN 978.965.7764.15.2

A Place

A place to write is a bird roof on word columns
Where the morning is the sea the night
Is the sea

And the rest is a window

A place in which a floor spreads over wildness
A place to be rescued, to speak truth—
There is no sea no bird no night and the window
Words, and the bird
A word


GUY PEREL is a Jungian analyst and a poet. He teaches at the School of Social Work at Tel Aviv University. His doctoral thesis focused on Jungian and Neumannian readings of Pessoa, Pizarnik and Rilke. Cave is his third book.