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A Tail

“A witty and well-written novella about the engineered desires we call taste and character.”  Asaf Schurr

“Wonderfully pertinent to the age of fake news, bots, and half-truths.”  Neta Halperin, Haaretz

“Advertising initiates a metamorphosis in the human body and mind: a fact that this little book both criticizes and celebrates.” – Omri Herzog, Haaretz


Minister of Culture Award for Young Authors (2019)

Minister of Culture Award for Debut Book Publishers (2019)


When copywriter Alon Amir finds out one evening that he is growing a small tail, the discovery threatens to derail his life of professional success and sexual escapades. As his confidence wanes and his attempts to hide the shameful appendage make him suspicious and isolated, he decides to take the biggest risk of his career to turn around his luck. Kantor’s fiercely witty satire transforms the metamorphoses of Gogol and Kafka to explore the market forces that shape human desire and our ideas of the natural.

June 2019 | 101 Pp. | ISBN 978.965.7764.16.9


SHARON KANTOR is an Israeli author, musician, screenwriter, director, environmental activist, cultural critic, and media personality. After beginning her career as a journalist and screenwriter in the 1990s, she proceeded to host music shows and direct music videos for Israel’s leading rock artists. She creates avant- garde and indie music, lectures in media studies, and publishes literary reviews and opinion pieces. A Tail is her first book for adults following two children’s books.