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“Some of the stories are bold, others are sad, or extremely entertaining. But they all raise existential questions, and the way they are told leaves no room for redundancy.” – Hanna Kakiashvili, BE106

“Shiknagy creates amazing worlds.” – Oded Carmeli, Haaretz

"Sivan Shiknagy’s world of literary fiction houses a woman who cannot hide any thought or feeling, a man named Bird, space-traveling jellyfish, unconscious people following a seizure, a whale named Vicky, and Albert Hofmann, the scientist who discovered LSD. But Shiknagy doesn’t write fantasy literature. Emotionally and thematically, her prose is realistic, and directly touches hard experiences of bereavement, shell shock, cruelty, and heartbreak." - Daphna Lewy, Israel HaYom


Iosep Eugen Campus Foundation Award (2019)


A man who must slay a lion before he can marry, a woman who dreams about disasters before they happen, a spy trapped in his own cover story, a metro driver whose tracks are full of suicides, a daughter who runs into her deceased mother at coffee shops, a sibling who recreates his dead brother as a computer program - these are only some of the protagonists of Sivan Shiknagy’s unique prose. Shiknagy writes 88 stories, each composed of 88 words. The precision this formal limitation requires leads to circular narratives brimming with insight about life, love, and the pounding loss at the heart of the book.

October 2019 | 186 Pp. | ISBN 978.965.7764.13.8


SIVAN SHIKNAGY is an author, poet, and screenwriter. She teaches at Minshar School of Art. Her first novel received the Ministry of Culture Award for Beginning Authors. She co-created the show Kadabra (Spell Keepers), winner of the 2017 Israeli Academy Award for Best Young Adult Drama Series, with Michal Cooper Keren and Einat Shahak. After winning the European Association of Creative Writing Programmes (EACWP) Flash Fiction Contest with her story “Kinetic Energy” (2018), Shiknagy proceeded to develop her flash-fiction book, 88. In 2019, it received the Iosep Eugen Campus Foundation Award. 88 is her sixth book.