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Sheikha Hussein Helawy

"Don't miss out on this extraordinary book." – Guy Finkelstein, Israel HaYom

“Helawy’s is a lone, refreshing, and unique voice, she is like a beautiful wildflower that sprouted in the desert by surprise, with no one to water or cultivate it.” – Reem Ghanayem

A convicted arsonist is released from prison after twelve years, only to realize that his home has changed. At wartime, a young woman becomes hopelessly fixated on the size of her nose. A teenage kiss may have an ulterior motive. A woman dies and leaves her children a strange memento.

Acclaimed author Sheikha Hussein Helawy’s newest short story collection is as gripping as it is unsettling. Moving deftly among fabulism, romance, and family drama, Helawy offers a sharp social critique and insight into human longing.  

May 2022 | 77 Pp. | ISBN 978.965.7764.36.7

SHEIKHA HUSSEIN HELAWY is an author, poet, and educator. She was born in Dhayl ’Araj, an unrecognized Bedouin village near Haifa, since razed, and now lives in Jaffa. In 2019 her short story collection Order C345 received the prestigious Almultaqa Prize for the Arabic Short Story. In 2020 she received the Aviv Poetry Prize from the Jerusalem Confederation House. Her work has been translated into various languages including English, French, German, Polish, and Bulgarian. In addition to War Has a Nose, she has published three short story collections and one poetry book.