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Direct Sun

“Charming love poems.” – Shlomi Hatuka


Goldberg’s love poems are witty and conversational, and her cabaret poetry about life in a psychiatric ward are as moving as they are grotesque. Her poems offer a gentle exploration of queer desire, the relation between maternal and erotic tenderness, violence, and domesticity.

February 2020 | 60 Pp. | ISBN 978.965.7764.18.3 

Last Year in Scandinavia

“Imagine you are inside
a big blue shield.
Nothing will hurt you inside
a big blue shield.
Close your eyes and focus”
The flight magazine recommended.

Fog hung over the river
Last year in Scandinavia.
The taxi drifted on thin ice
And everything was governed by a certain symbolism.

The movie theater was locked and empty.
“You’re an hour early,” they told us
When the storm began.
“My wife could not have come soon enough”
You declared with a wide gesture,
Your coat covering your head
And mine

Like a canopy.


DANA GOLDBERG is a poet and filmmaker. Her first book Orange Corals was published in 2011, and her poems appeared in various literary magazines. She was a co-editor of Anonymous Fish?, an online magazine for Hebrew poetry. Her filmography includes two full-length movies—Alice (2012) and Death of the Poet (2017)—as well as dozens of short films.