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Locus in an independent publishing house focusing on contemporary literature and modern classics. Its mission is to make innovative international literature available to Hebrew readers through careful curation, outstanding translations, attractive design, and accessible pricing. Locus was born out of love of language, translation, and culture, all expressed in its frequent publishing of exciting international authors passed over by Israeli commercial publishers. 

Founded in Tel Aviv in 2016 by Shira Hefer, Locus’s first three lists were dedicated to contemporary international literature, modern classics, and drama. In 2017 Locus started publishing Hebrew and international poetry. In 2018 it expanded its operations to also publish Hebrew fiction, nonfiction, and children's literature.

Among our authors are Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, Nell Zink, Sjón, Jamaica Kincaid, Vladimir Sorokin, Jean Echenoz, Jean Phillippe Toussaint, Jane Bowles, Leonora Carrington, Toyo Shibata, Avner Shats and Jean Cocteau.


Shira Hefer is an editor, translator, and publisher. She speaks eight languages: Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish. She holds an MA in translation studies. After co-founding Zikit Publishing House in 2012, she started Locus Publishing House in 2016 to focus on contemporary literature. She has published 80 titles in various literary genres including fiction, poetry, drama, and nonfiction.


Minister of Culture Award for Debut Book Publishers (2019), for the publication of A Tail by Sharon Kantor.

Praise for Locus

"Hats off to Locus... This is further proof of the vital need for small independent presses, which are driven by quality rather than only commercial considerations." – Atara Ben Hanan, Maala

"In its main series Locus has published experimental, fascinating, new literature... all books received enthusiastic reviews and achieved prominence in the literary discourse." – Gili Izikovich, Haaretz


Shira Hefer, Publisher and Director | [email protected] 

Poli Vishnevetsky, Editorial Coordinator | [email protected]  

Michal Zechariah, Foreign Rights | [email protected] 

Alma Neeman | graphic designer [portfolio]

Neta Rabinovitch | graphic designer [portfolio]

Our publications include:

Locus Contemporary


Lyudmilla Petrushevskaya | The Time Night

Nell Zink | The Wallcreeper

Jamaica Kincaid | A Small Place

Avner Shats | Dead White Men

Sergio Sant'Anna | Um Crime Delicado

Lyudmila Petrushevskaya | Among Friends and Other Stories 

Jean Echenoz | Les Grandes Blondes

Michelangelo Antonioni | Quel Bowling sul Tevere

Jean Phillippe Toussaint | La Télévision

Jean Echenoz | Un An

Jane Bowles | Two Serious Ladies

Vladimir Sorokin | Horse Soup & Stories

Sjon | The Blue Fox

Vladimir Sorokin | Manaraga

Vladimir Sorokin | The Blizzard

Tomas Espedal | Against Nature

Jean Phillippe Toussaint | Football

Leonora Carrington | The Hearing Trumpet with an afterword by Olga Tokarczuk

Coming soon:

Ludmilla Petrushevskaya | The Mystical Stories

Jean-Phillipe Toussaint | La Salle de Bain

James Baldwin | The Fire Next Time

Locus Modern Classics

Sylvia Townsend Warner | Lolly Willowes

Joseph Conrad | Freya of the Seven Isles 

Mark Twain | The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyburg

Octave Mirbeau | Les mémoires de mon ami

Charlotte Perkins Gillman | Benigna Machiavelli

Coming soon

Felisberto Hernandez | La Casa Inundada

Locus - Hebrew Authors

Ran Gluzman | The Guest

Sharon Kantor | A Tail

Sivan Shiknagy | 88

Coming soon:

Sheikha Haliwe | The Windows are Broken Books

Locus Stage 

Moliére | Tartuffe

Moliére | L'Avare

Moliére | Lécole des Femmes

William Shakespeare | Romeo and Juliet

Edmond Rostand | Cyrano de Bergerac

Henrik Ibsen | Per Gynt

Jean Cocteau | Les Parents Terribles

Coming soon

William Shakespeare | Othello

Locus Idra | Poetry 

Emma Sham-Ba Aylon | And All is So Sex

Shibata Toyo | Kujikenaide

Yonit Naaman |  If a Heart Falls

Tamar Mor Sela | A Conversation with Israel Eliraz

Margaret Atwood | This Is The World, These Are My Hands - 1966-2007: Four Decades of Poetry

Guy Perel | A Cave

Dahlia Rabikovith | Yours, Dahlia - Letters to a Loved One

Dana Goldberg | A Direct Sun

Hadas Gilad | Beyond the Shoulder Blade Horizon

Keren David Hartman | Thirst

Coming soon: 

Maya Tevet Dayan | Verses on Immigration

Other Animals | Interdisciplinary Books

Yonatan Raz Portugali & Hilla Toony Navok | If What You're Craving Right Now is Pilates, That's What You Should Focus On

Hadas Gilad | Days of Doing

Alon Mizrahi | Freedom: A Manifesto

Jean Bapitste Andrea | Ma Reine

Yasunari Kawabata | The Nobel Prize Speech

Anat Levitt | What is Love

An Eternal Moment | Shaanan Streett

Locus Pocus  - Books for children

Andrzej Maleszka | THE MAGIC TREE SERIES Vol 1 - The Red Chair

Andrzej Maleszka | THE MAGIC TREE SERIES Vol 2 - The Secret Of The Bridge

Andrzej Maleszka | THE MAGIC TREE SERIES Vol 3 - The Giant

Aino Havukainen and Sami Toivonen | Tatu and Patu - Odd Machines

Coming soon:

Aino Havukainen and Sami Toivonen | Tatu and Patu - At Work

Locus Thrillers

Johan Brannstrom | Fever

Coming soon:

Johan Brannstrom | Red Signal