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Locus is an independent publishing house focusing mainly on contemporary literature and modern classics. Apart from our two series in prose, we publish a series for theater plays and one for poetry, and in the near future one for children's literature and one for non fiction. A main feature running through all of our doings is accessibility to quality; we work with carefully chosen translators, revisers and designers, yet we keep the books at an accessible price.

Through a selected literary catalog composed of the finest international writers, we wish to broaden the Hebrew readers’ literary horizons and discourse, and introduce a broad spectrum of literary possibilities to the readers, writers and book lovers alike.


Shira Hefer [email protected]

Adi Chawin | [email protected]

Eli Bijaoui | [email protected]

Hadas Gilad | [email protected]

Alma Neeman | graphic designer [portfolio]

Neta Rabinovich | graphic designer [portfolio]

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Our publications include:

Locus Contemporary


Ludmilla Petrushevskaya | The time Night

Nell Zink | The wallcreeper

Jamaica Kincaid | A small place

Avner Shats | Dead white men

Sergio Sant'Anna | Um crime delicado

Ludmila Petrushevsakya | Among friends and other stories 

Jean Echenoz | Les Grandes Blondes

Michelangelo Antonioni | Quel Bowling sul Tevere

Jean Ppillippe Toussaint | La Télévision

Coming soon: Jean Echenoz | Un An

Locus Classics

Sylvia Townsend Warner | Lolly Willowes

Joseph Conrad | Freya of the Seven Isles

Mark Twain | The man who corrupted Hadleyburg

Octave Mirbeau | Les mémoires de mon ami

Coming soon: Felisberto Hernandez | La Casa Inundada

Locus Stage 

Moliére | Tartuffe

Moliére | L'Avare

Moliére | Lécole des Femmes

William Shakespeare | Romeo and Juliet

Edmond Rostand | Cyrano de Bergerac

Henrik Ibsen | Per Gynt

Coming soon: Jean Cocteau | Le Parents Terribles

Locus Idra | Poetry collections

Emma Sham-Ba Aylon | And all is so sex

Shibata Toyo | Kujikenaide

Coming soon: Yonit Naaman |  Collection

Future publications:

Tomas Espedal | Against nature

Ludmilla Petrushevskaya | Mystical Short stories

Kjell Askildsen | Vennskapets pris & Heretter følger jeg deg helt hjem

Jane Bowles | Two serious ladies 

Ludwig Bemelmans | The blue danube

Margaret Atwood | Poetry

and many more...